Short fiction

The Kattegat is not the only expanse challenging the love of Peder and Terese. Set in late 19th century Skagen, Denmark. read

Enjoy for free. Spread them around. I recommend you read these PDF files on a monitor or pad in the manuscript format provided. There are matters of ergonoics and comprehension involved, but I won’t get all fuddy-duddy about it. Some phone app readers are better than others–they all have their eccentricities. On my android, “liquid” mode in Acrobat works ok, but it works live with a server, so there can be some slow rendering of images and it keeps changing font size in odd little places–haven’t figured out why.

Please feel free to comment below on the stories. These little puppies have never seen an editor’s or even a proofreader’s desk, so there are bound to be blemishes, however many times my bleary eyes have gone over them.

Corrections and questions are welcome. Praise is, too. Criticism is a fish all its own. Be constructive (I can always delete your comment☺).

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