Don Shogren

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Oddments and Apprehensions

  • Armageddon a Little Tired of This

    Is your armageddon anxiety on the upswing lately? I know … thanks for bringing it up, right? It’s not going away anytime soon, so let’s talk about it. Baby Boomers remember quite well growing up with the knowledge that humankind is always a hair trigger away from massive annihilation, and that’s no doubt made us…


  • Privileged

    This is Jake, the original graphic for the Life is Good company. In 1994, two guys put a stick figure body on Jake, printed him on forty-eight T-shirts, and sold them out in a half hour at a street fair in Cambridge, Massachusetts, including the two they had on. Their company had over $100 million…


  • Heroes and Dungeons

    I haven’t talked about this with a lot of people, but I’ve managed to live long enough to have cancer, my flavor being prostate. It’s not a dire thing. I have to take androgen suppressent pills for a couple of years to knock it back and I’ve finished a course of radiation treatment. Neither has…


  • This is How it Starts

    I’ve done this before. I wrote a blog beginning in the early aughts. I was fairly proud of some of the posts, but not all. I didn’t want some of the foolishness to come back to bite me some day, so I removed it from Blogspot and closed my account. A made a backup doc…


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