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Oddments and Apprehensions

  • Who are your favorite people to be around? clever people


  • Where You Want to Be

    That’s the motto of a sleepy little burg called East Palestine, Ohio. It wasn’t so sleepy a few nights ago, however, when 38 cars of a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in the middle of town, including 11 tankers of toxic chemicals. Many of you have heard some of this already. But it’s much more…


  • A Kind of Speak

    I was perusing FB the other day, going through the comments to a post about the Great Golf War. For the unenlightened in such matters, I will explain briefly: America has always been the principal market for professional golf, so there’s an essentially American “non-profit” organization (PGA) that manages the tour, including media, sponsors and…


  • Cold, Cold, Cold

    A young woman froze to death a few cold Wisconsin nights ago, after having slid into a ditch in a very rural place. They found her the next morning, about a quarter mile from her car. The second saddest part of it all is how it never should have happened–it certainly appears that she did…


  • A Nice Round Number and a Rather Oblique Homage to David Crosby

    I turned 72 this week. I have to admit, I kind of like the sound of it. Numerology? I hesitate to think so. Ologists, by definition, are people who frame their logic in a disciplined manner on the field they’ve latched onto. I appreciate their hard work, and admit their successes generally outweigh their failures,…


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