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Oddments and Apprehensions

  • Massive Quantities of Food For Not All That Much More Thought

    We live a small life. We’re very comfortable with that. The best I can make out, this is due to some combination of a desire for simplicity, empathy for the environment and sheer laziness, but here we are.   We are retired seniors living in a small, efficient condo. We have one four-year-old economy car…


  • Stuck on the Horns of a False Dilemma

    The above is an expression of logic. Bad logic. It’s been about a hundred years since I took couple of courses in logic, but have faith. The expression symbolizes that since a person either loves America or hates America, and if they don’t love America, they hate America. It’s called a false dilemma. It’s nonsense,…


  • Do you believe in fate/destiny? It’s inevitable that I would say no.


  • Murdaugh, She Wrote

    The Murdaugh murders. Why in the name of JoBenet Ramsey does anyone beyond family, friends and Low Country denizens give a flying crap about this case? Somebody asked this question of Neal Baer, ex-executive producer of Law and Order: Ad Nauseum. Here’s his answer: We’re drawn to it. And I think what’s really interesting is…


  • A Blast From the Past

    Sunday mornings are for writing posts, but being distracted lately and failing to come up with much of a topic, I went to social media for suggestions. The world seeming even darker and scarier than usual, I gave it up and wandered off to oddball tasks, where I discovered that my old Blogger work is…


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