The Cozy Life

It’s six in the morning and I’m up doing this because after five days of trying to sleep away Covid, my body is telling me in no uncertain terms to find another plan. I’m taking this as a good sign. I can hear life moving on out there, but not too well, because on our only outside wall there is plastic over the door and windows, and then full scaffolding with more plastic stretched over that. It’s a little noisy in the wind.

It seems the builder of our condo building lacked some expertise with stucco systems, especially the extra care needed for flashing window and door openings. They had to rip out some framing pieces under our window, and some damage was done to the interior side. The guys who came in to fix it did a great job. We’re pretty sure they also gave us the Covid.

So here we are, snug as two bugs in an assortment of extra blankets.

When we sold the house and moved to a city condo, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. We knew there would be more entertainment and food options. We expected there would be more social interaction and exposure to different types of people.

What we didn’t expect, though, was how much more time we would spend outside. How much having things in walking distance would have us, well, walking distances. You get very used to it.

So this is especially hard, this being sealed into our rooms. We can’t even go out on the balcony. The Little Hun is out ahead of me by a couple of days, but maybe I’ll feel well enough later to go for a little walk. They’re about done outside, so maybe the scaffolding will come down this week. That should help.

Because things feel a little like this these days:

2 responses to “The Cozy Life”

  1. I thought you all were a little quiet. Hope your body talk is telling you the right things. You all certainly have followed all the right protocols. ( we too have had workmen coming in and out and wonder if and when it’s our turn. ) These C-variants just keep popping up, the wack a mole syndrome.

    Will be sending positive thoughts your way to help get er’ back to normal.


    1. Almost back. Still a little woozy. Thx


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