This is How it Starts

I’ve done this before. I wrote a blog beginning in the early aughts. I was fairly proud of some of the posts, but not all. I didn’t want some of the foolishness to come back to bite me some day, so I removed it from Blogspot and closed my account.

A made a backup doc of it first because, as I said, some of it wasn’t half-bad. I thought I might dig the thing up again and drop a few greatest hits to help get this thing going.

Well, that backup hasn’t survived my long, sad tale of fried motherboards, hard drive logical errors, cheap RAM and so forth. This may be related to that time I managed to back up everything except C:\Users\don\Documents. That was bad. I especially regretted losing all the digital art I did in Corel.

Nevertheless, the propensity to gather stuff marches on and a few gigabytes has turned into terabytes of what I’ve decided to call Oddments and Apprehensions (which is terrible title for search engine optimization, I’m sure).

So we’ll skip the classics and move on.

This is going to be different. I was quite political in much of that previous effort. I haven’t lost that edge, but my sense of duty has changed. There comes a time in life when stridency becomes a little like gramps getting up at a wedding to dance the hip hop.

It’s not me any more. I’m out on the edge of the crowd, giving side whispers.

Maybe that’s a better title. I’ll think about it.

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