don shogren

Septuagenarian. Who’d have imagined how it would feel the same and so different at the same time? For that matter, who’d have thought there was a “u” in it?

The above photo of me was taken on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, either by my son or my daughter-in-law. In all the photo sharing frenzy following our trip last summer, I lost track. I love that beach. I love sunrises quite a bit more than sunsets.

Speaking of love, I love dogs who don’t bark too much or bite. Also cats and children, under the same conditions. I love playing music, basketball, golf, flight simulator, Sudoku… well, I love playing a lot.

I love to write things down, sometimes.

More than anything, I love holding one’s eye.

I don’t live on the Outer Banks. I live in the Midwest. It’s home, and it’s very friendly.

I hate unfriendliness.

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